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“Go Canoeing” Beginner course 4th June – 9th July 2014

“Go Canoeing” Beginner course 2014 Wednesday evenings June 4th-July 9th (inc)

Kayaking For Beginners!


Want to learn kayaking but don’t know where to start? Need kayaking for beginners stuff but the info you find is too advanced? Stop searching, you have arrived at the right place. This course covers all the basics to get you paddling with with tips, safety advice and so much more!


There are many reasons why people have made kayaking the fastest growing sport. Outdoor enjoyment, healthy exercise, connecting with friends, solitude, fishing, challenge, adventure, a peaceful escape or just plain old FUN! – what’s your reason?

In the many years that Kingston Scouts Canoe Club have been running, we have enjoyed helping others get a good start. We always encourage them to learn a few of the important basics – you know, the “kayaking for beginners” stuff … before hitting the water. Why? Because you don’t want to learn them after hitting the water. Really!

This Course starts off with a full Safety brief, a detailed explaination on what to do ‘if’ you do go over and just a gentle warm up to get us in the mood.

We will be following the BCU (British Canoe Union) PaddlePower Scheme aiming to complete Levels 1 to 5 to give all scouts taking part a good grounding in canoeing and paddlesports.



“Go Canoeing” Kayaking and Canoeing Improvers course 2014 30 April – May 28th

“Go Canoeing” Kayaking and Canoeing Improvers course 2014 Wednesday evenings 30 April – May 28th (inc)

So, you’ve been Kayaking/Canoeing, maybe you’ve completed our beginner course last year?

This is where it all starts again. We’ll start you off with a bit of a gentle refresher on some of the strokes you’ve done before, just to get you going.

Then what? well, the choices are endless;

You can carry on where you left off from a previous course and begin work on levels 5-9 of the PaddlePower scheme.

You can work on switching your skills to a greater level between Kayak to Canoe (or the other way round).

You can start working on expedition practice and training for Scouting challenge or awards badges or Duke of Edinburgh’s awards.

Try a completely different Canoeing/Kayaking discipline – anything from Canoe Sailing to Kayak slalom or racing.

The choice is yours, our job is to lay those foundations and give you the opportunity to have a go and develop from where you are now.

End of Season 2013 Newsletter

Hi Everyone


Welcome to our first end of season newsletter!


Firstly, thank you all for making the 2013 season such a good one, it’s been fantastic to see so many of you continue to come along throughout the summer and not just when there’s been a course going on.


This year we have been very busy in the background getting grants and putting together deals for a whole range of new equipment, sadly this is only just becoming available before the end of the season, however at least we know we have all of this brand new kit to come back to in 2014.

By the end of the year, this will include; 12 new kayaks – 6 small and 6 standard size ‘Dagger GT’s’, 12 new kayak paddles – again 6 small and 6 standard sizes, over 40 new airbags to go into all of our boats – this will at least make it easier for the coaches to empty out! We are also working on getting some new Buoyancy aids and cags.


We will be working on getting some weekend activities organised so that we can all keep up our practice.

Please could you ensure that we have up to date email addresses and contact numbers for you so that we can get those details out to you.

The first ‘winter’ meeting we will have will be to re-schedule our photographer to take some promotional pictures of us and our new kayaks. This will be on Sunday 29th September from 10am to 12pm. Once again for the photos, please could you wear your group scarf as we have been asked to be wearing these for the photo.


We will be ordering some club t-shirts to be sold for club members over the winter, if you would like to pre-order one then please come to me to express your interest. Prices, sizes and colour are still to be finalised at the moment.


I hope that you all have a good ‘winter season’ and see you in 2014 for the club on Wednesday evenings, 1st date back will be 23rd April 2014!