Dry Suits?

Benefits of Dry SuitsWe have highlighted the main benefits of a dry suit when compared with Two Piece’s and Wet Suits.

  • Dry Suits vs Two Piece
  • Dry Suit vs A Wet Suit
Benefits of Dry Suits vs Two Piece
A dry suit  has three major advantages over wearing a two piece outfit.

  • As there are no joins between top and       bottom there is nowhere for water to “seep” in.
  • There is much less bulk in the middle as       there is no overlap between top and bottom layers a dry suit is       considerably less bulky in the middle for comfort and a greater freedom of       movement.
  • The ease of pulling up to a venue and       quickly sliding into a one piece dry suit with the confidence that your       warm and dry for the day makes paddling faff free and very enjoyable!

Photo Above: Two hours bobbing around on a  cool evening and not a bite but warm and comfortable in a drysuit

Benefits of Dry Suit vs Wet Suit

“We strongly recommend that you don’t use a wetsuit for kayaking during  the colder months. ”
Here are just some of the disadvantages of a wetsuits  compared to dry suits.

  • A drysuit keeps you comfortable       whether you stay in your boat or have a dip. If the day goes to plan and       you spend all day in your kayak/canoe a wetsuit is particularly       uncomfortable to be in all day. Whilst paddling and being active in a       winter wetsuit you will most likely get very warm very fast. However when       you stop (waiting for the shuttle, waiting with a throwline or waiting for       the fish to bite) the water/sweat will cool against your skin and you will       begin to get cold fast.
  • A wetsuit gives very poor       freedom of movement as your body has to work against firm neoprene rather       than the light stretchy fleece you would wear under a drysuit.
  • A wetsuit can make you wet and       warm a dry suit keeps you dry and warm – what would you prefer?
  • A wetsuit has very little       protection against the wind. Blocking the wind is essential to keeping       warm!
  • Versatility. The beauty of a       drysuit and a layering system is that you can adjust how warm the system       is to suit the weather and activity. E.g If you’re going kayak fishing on       a mild but windy day and you know you’re going to paddle 300m then stop       for three hours at a mark to fish you can really layer up with plenty of       fleece to keep you warm as you stop and fish. If you plan to get out in       your sea kayak and paddle hard and fast for two hours a drysuit is still       you choice but you can wear a fast wicking top such as a Helly Hansen lifa       and a lightweight thermal.
  • Convenience. Most dry suits are       now fitted with a convenience zip for when nature calls.