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Chris’s Whitewater Demos

Please feel free to view these videos. they were not intentionally filmed to be a demo

(Otherwise I would have done them better! 🙂 ), however the captions

and notes should give some indication on aspects to look at that will

hopefully aid your own paddling.

For further breakdowns or more detail, please feel free to contact

me via the contact page.




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A basic side surf and simple crossing on a wave

Look for the body position &  boat angle and  how are they being used to balance the boat.

Note how paddle positions are not really being demonstrated in order to show how little effect the paddle is having on what the boat is doing.


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a very simple go and breakout in moving water

No fancy strokes are being show as they are not needed in this case. look for boat angles and body positions in order the achieve the breakout.

Some powerful forward strokes are important to ensure that the boat arrives in the right place. This in turn makes the rest much easier.

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Break in/out, Crossing a wave and back before Breaking and again to drop down and break out once more

Look for the different manoeuvres there are definite breaks between them, to breathe, pause, plan and relax before executing the next manoeuvre.

Look for body and boat positioning along with times to paddle and times to use a stroke. Always try to be efficient with both, power when needed and relax when not – there’s no hurry after all 🙂



Scout Focussed Canoe & Kayak Update 2014‏
Saturday 22nd March
On Saturday 22nd March we will be running a Scout Focused Canoe England Coach update at Thames Ditton in Surrey. As in previous years, this event will be focused on supporting adults active in Paddlesports in Scouting.


The aims are to bring together paddlers in order to share best practice and communicate information.
Key details:
Date: Saturday 22nd March 2014.
Location: Warspite Ajax Scout Boating Centre, 19 Ditton Reach, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0XB
Expected cost: £15 per head, payable in advance, including a packed lunch
Times: 08:45 registration; 17:00 formal finish
Booking procedure: Please register your interest using: KSCC Coach Update Form
We will then formalise bookings and take payment in Mid January.
Please note: We have a limited capacity and previous events have reached that limit, bookings will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
Expected Program:
The details of the program are presently being finalised, but will include:
-Scout Association keynote and information
-Canoe England coach information
-Canoe England Paddlesports Program update
-Safety update
-Coach development
Organising team:
This event will be organised by: Chris Eastbrook (Scout Association Technical Adviser (Kayaking), Surrey Scouts Water Activities Club, Kingston Scout Canoe Club, Warspite Sea Scouts & Ajax Sea Scouts.


Sunday 23rd March
We expect to run a series of on water events on Sunday. Provisionally this is expected to include:


-Kayaking B1 Permit Assessments
-Canoeing B1 Permit Assessments
-A recreational paddle for adults on the Thames
-Permit Moderation meeting


Please indicate whether you are interested using the same form:  On water Assessment and paddling day


We will keep our event website: KSCC Coach Update updated as we go forward.


Many thanks
Chris Eastabrook; UKTA Kayaking
Richard Hunt; GSL, 1st Cuddington (Warspite) Sea Scouts
Chris Hampton Head Coach, Kingston Scouts Canoe Club
On behalf of the organising team.