Sealion Explorers – Improvers Course – ‘Boat, Feel, Manoeuvre’

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6
Introductory assessment on current abilities:-
 Lifting, carrying and launching      
Efficient forward paddling      Steering               Manoeuvring in a confined space     
Moving sideways             
Preventing a capsize                 Turning                           
Returning to the bank and getting out                                      Securing 
skills taught – re-cap on week one, forward paddling, turning, reverse paddling, ruddering
Theory – safety when afloat, hypothermia, first aid  
skills taught – re-cap of skills learned, moving sideways, evidence of trunk rotation, preventing capsize   
Theory – general kayaking, one star syllabus information 
skills taught – Eskimo rescue, deep water rescue, low recovery stroke                         
Theory – environmental issues, trip planning. 
skills taught – lifting, carrying and launching the kayak, efficient forward paddling, reverse paddling and stopping, moving the kayak sideways Theory – equipment, safety access issues  * Recap all skills covered            

*   Assessing
as required       

*  Fun and Games                 

* Initiative Exercises
(all in rescue?)

Starting 26th May 2021