KSCC Kayaking and Canoeing Beginner course 2016; June 8th-July 13th

“Go Canoeing” Beginner course 2016 Wednesday evenings June 8th-July 13th(inc)

Kayaking For Beginners!


Want to learn kayaking but don’t know where to start? Need kayaking for beginners stuff but the info you find is too advanced? Stop searching, you have arrived at the right place. This course covers all the basics to get you paddling with with tips, safety advice and so much more!


There are many reasons why people have made kayaking the fastest growing sport. Outdoor enjoyment, healthy exercise, connecting with friends, solitude, fishing, challenge, adventure, a peaceful escape or just plain old FUN! – what’s your reason?

In the many years that Kingston Scouts Canoe Club have been running, we have enjoyed helping others get a good start. We always encourage them to learn a few of the important basics – you know, the “kayaking for beginners” stuff … before hitting the water. Why? Because you don’t want to learn them after hitting the water. Really!

This Course starts off with a full Safety brief, a detailed explaination on what to do ‘if’ you do go over and just a gentle warm up to get us in the mood.

We will be following the BCU (British Canoe Union) one star award aiming to complete all aspects of this training to give scouts taking part a good grounding in canoeing and paddlesports

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